Nutrition Initiative

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Road Map to a Healthy Lifestyle

GEH advocates health and nutrition by providing a simple common sense approach to our nutrition classes.

All successful ventures or initiatives start with a plan in the case of nutrition, provisioning. Teaching nutrition is one step. The clients we serve have the least amount of time and money. We believe to change lifestyles you have to provide a road map to get there. Simplicity, cost and time saving techniques are paramount. We created an initiative that focuses on provisioning and planning of meals, complete with grocery list and recipes. If you have a plan and can control what is available in the household, then you can affect the lifestyle choices more effectively.

GEH worked with a Nutritionist to create a 7 day meal plan. Our 7 day plan includes three meals a day for four people at approximately $10 a day. We are working on our 30 day plan! We offer an array of classes with a focus meal planning and provisioning. Healthy lifestyles start with understanding the importance of what you eat and how it affects your overall health.

GEH has a menus of classes to choose from conducted by Meagan Rothschild, Body of Knowledge, Nutrition Services, LLC.

GEH will also train your trainer to conduct classes!