Redefining Affordable Housing
by addressing community needs

City of Garland coverage of disabled Army Veteran Leo Perez & his family receiving a mortgage-free home! Thanks to Bank of America and the City of Garland!
"A community in Garland welcomed the Perez family, presenting them with a newly-renovated house. It's been provided mortgage-free by Bank of America, Green Extreme Homes, and the City of Garland."

New research shows mixed income communities provide upward mobility for low income residents.

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GEH is committed to building healthy, stronger neighborhoods by providing green, energy efficient affordable housing options.

We're committed to affordable housing and supportive services that transform neighborhoods and stabilize lives.

Through collaborative partnerships we're focusing on holistic approaches in our communities.
Green Extreme Homes CDC winner of Department of Energy's Innovation in Housing Award two years in a row
Our Country's FIRST affordable Zero Energy ready home!
This home demonstrates the critical need to address our aging housing stock to make these homes marketable and sustainable with innovative, energy efficient products. Additionally, Green Extreme Homes utilized its veteran jobs training program to facilitate this deep rehab demonstrating how we can create jobs and economic opportunities by addressing the need to make these homes energy efficient and affordable. This home is going to a disabled veteran, Bonnie Sanchez.
Green Extreme Homes is a leader in the Race To Zero Construction. See Chairman, Steve Brown, a judge at the Collegiate Race to Zero competition
Celebration of Service 2017
Green Extreme Homes with our awesome partners from Bank of America
and Home Depot Foundation serving our veterans most in need!


The fastest growing homeless veteran population in North Texas is female veterans, commonly referred to as the “silent homeless”. Three years ago the Dallas VA told us this is their most difficult challenge.

Green Extreme Homes started building the Mullins house a year and half ago to serve female Veterans. Mullins is a 7 bedroom, 4 1/2 bath home with a hydroponics warehouse and chicken coop. Mullins is a zero energy home with solar.

Mullins creates a nurturing environment for these ladies to get back on their feet and move on to independent living.

Depending on the obstacles each veteran faces will determine the amount of time they are with us at the Mullins home. Average stay will be 6 months. NPower will be providing free technical training to any of the veterans interested and we have several large corporations committed to hiring our veterans after completion of courses with a livable wage.

We will also have financial counseling and services to assist these ladies through our community partners.

Hydroponics will provide fruits and vegetables to the home but it also is therapeutic for veterans to work in the garden.

The ladies will be responsible for taking care of the chickens and spending some time in the hydroponics.

This home if the first of its kind in the country. It will not only help our veterans, it will also shine a light on the issues and best practices for helping our homeless integrate back into society.
"Mullins creates a nurturing environment for these ladies to get back on their feet and move on to independent living."
"How did your day start? Ours was with a CHEER!" We were honored to join The Home Depot team and Green Extreme Homes CDC to honor Veteran’s Day and the Home Depot Celebration of Service. The Reed House on Mullins Street is an invaluable resource for Women Veterans in transition.
Female veterans are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. In Lewisville, Texas, Citi teamed up with Green Extreme Homes to build the Reed House on Mullins, a transitional home for female veterans experiencing homelessness. The eco-friendly 7 bedroom, 4 1/2 bathroom home includes a hydroponics warehouse and chicken coup. It also offers an array of social services such as financial coaching, counseling, education and job development programs.

Green Extreme Homes Receives Prestigious Housing Award

The Energy Department presented Housing Innovation Awards to 28 industry leaders from across the nation during the Energy and Environmental Building Alliance’s Excellence in Building Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Green Extreme Homes opens the REED HOUSE to serve homeless Female Veterans
Zero Energy, Vertical Farming, and a Chicken Coup, first of this type of housing in the US to serve Veterans in need.